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Esther’s New Look 6217

Is it warm yet? The air holds a beautiful promise of a time when I can dress up without needing a massive coat to cover up the wonderful colours of my outfit. Nothing screams no coat weather like this month’s box. 

I have to say that as much as I am anticipating the warmer weather, long days and late sunsets, I’m also not looking forward to heatwaves, insects and sweating. If there’s anything that makes up for my annoyance during the UK summer, it’s colourful clothes. And this month’s fabric ticked that box. 

My sewjo has been playing a bit of hide and seek but this month’s fabric brought it out. The mix of colours on this fabric excites me so much. I really like the way the print plays with different colours, it has taught me not to be afraid of mixing colours. 

I had a bit of analysis paralysis with this fabric. I knew whatever garment I made was going to be a part of my summer wardrobe so I spent time over thinking about it. My first consideration was a pair of shorts. The two that popped to my mind were the Flint shorts by Megan Nielsen and the Foxie Boxies by Grace Steel. These would have definitely been good choices but as someone who hasn’t worn shorts since before puberty, I chickened out of shorts. 

My next idea was to make a top. My first thought was the Gilbert top by Helen’s Closet, I considered the possibility of making a sleeveless one, but I need to make some adjustments to the pattern which I may need to toile so I parked that idea for next time. 

I finally decided to make a simple top and let the fabric and the gorgeous print shine. I made the New Look 6217. The pattern is a great staple one with different views. I know big 4 patterns get a bad rep but I think if you know your size, the garment options are endless. This pattern comes with 4 views, most patterns have different variations of the same garment for different views, not this pattern. The pattern comes with a top which is the view I’ve made, skirt, trousers and robe style jacket. 

The top is one with a grown on sleeve and finished with bias tape around the neckline. As someone who is slowly learning to love my arms with all the lumps and bumps, a grown on sleeve is a perfect middle ground between proper sleeves and sleeveless. There’s a bit of cover up but you’re not totally covered, I absolutely love a grown on sleeve. It’s also much easier and quicker to make. 

Manipulating this fabric was easy. Cutting it was a nice and easy process. And pressing it was absolutely satisfying, there’s something so great about getting out creases from fabric that absolutely excites me. 

This top was a quick and easy make and I can see myself wearing it very easily as it gets warmer.