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Hayley’s Zadie Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have made quite the fashionable comeback over the last few years and for many have become a staple part of their wardrobe. 

This has definitely been reflected in the sewing pattern industry with new jumspuit patterns being released all the time, and to suit many different fabric types. 

I last wore a jumpsuit when I was about 20; a wide leg with a pinafore style top in a navy blue with white polka dot floaty fabric. It had a bit of a 70s feel to it, although I assure you it was only 12 years ago! 

I felt fabulous in it but I couldn’t tell you what became of it! I have since steered clear of jumpsuits. Age, a baby, a few extra pounds around the middle and the thought of practicality has put me off. 

That is until the release of the incredibly popular Zadie jumpsuit from Paper Theory Patterns. I have seen so many fanatastic versions on social media and it has definitely piqued my interest. The more I saw the more intruiged I became. Then when I attended The Sewing Weekender back in August it was one of the most popular patterns of the weekend. 

When I looked further into the Zadie pattern  I saw that it had an amazing range of sizes from UK 6-28. I still sat on it for a little while. That is, until I chose the fabric for December’s Luxury Boxes, a stunning silver metallic viscose. Incredibly soft and drapey and perfect for a Christmas party I was attending. 

Having done a lot of research on the pattern and how the sizing was it seemed that most people found they didn’t need to make any adjustments due to the wrap nature of the pattern. Looking at the body and finished garment measurements I just decided to grade from a size 18 at the bust to a 22 at the hips which I think was the right call for me. 

Cutting the pattern took a little longer than usual as it is suggested that you cut out in a single layer rather than folded which does save on fabric. One thing to note if you’re not used to cutting in a single layer is to make sure you flip the pieces over so that you don’t end up with 2 left back leg pieces for example! 

Construction was incredibly simple. The most fiddly bit is is attaching the bias binding around the crotch curve, but take it slow and steady with a cup of tea to hand and it’s all good! 

The only other tiny thing I should have done was to hand baste the hole for the waist tie to go through closed at the base as it slipped a bit under the sewing machine so it’s more open than I would have liked. It’s not a big deal as the tie covers it but it’s just something to do next time.

And there will most definietly be a next time! This is going to be an amazing pattern to wear in the summer in floaty viscoses or in a linen to stay cool and comfortable. I do want to try and raise the crotch seam a bit to help with the dreaded chaffing. This isn’t an adjustment I’ve ever done before so will need to do some research as I don’t want to alter the way it drapes too much. 

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to jump into the jumpsuit craze I can highly recommend this pattern as your first step. I felt incredibly glamorous for the evening and sparkled in silver amongst the sea of black fabric!