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Interview; Lily Ives-Farren

In April’s Bloom and Grow boxes we were treated to a beautiful custom illustration by local artist Lily (@lily_ifa) who loves using nature as her inspiration in her art.

Hi Lily, how did you get into illustration?

Hi Hayley 🙂

I’ve always been curious and immersed in creating/making things myself. I grew up around creatives which probably sparked up my interest in art. Strangely I didn’t take art as a subject in secondary school and I dropped out after a year of Fine Art in College.

I found that school gave me no creative liberty and that I didn’t want to create things how other people wanted me to. That’s where illustration piqued my interest, I could draw things I enjoyed and found appealing, in my own style and surprisingly other people like it which makes me happy.

Now I use multiple mediums, predominantly digital, to convey my ideas and illustrations.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I normally wake up and head off to work as a shop assistant/barista at my local Zero Waste store. On a day off, you’ll probably find me having a lay in, maybe watching some of my favourite shows, possibly painting or whatever springs to mind that day. I enjoy walking and getting outdoors at least once a day especially in these very odd times.

What inspires your art?

My current interests normally inspire what I’m creating, whether that’s colours I’m involved with at the time, topics or sometimes objects. One thing that I’ll always love drawing is plants and any natural forms. As an avid ‘plant mum,’ they’re always a source of inspiration.

What does your workspace look like?

My workspace most definitely never stays clean nor organised. It’s normally a matter of asking myself “Where did I put that last? I can’t find it!.” That’s why digital art is the best medium for me as I only need one tool.

My desk is home to a few plants and notebooks. I’m quite proud to say I built my own workspace from an old wood pallet, which was a rewarding task.

Apart from creating gorgeous illustrations, what else do you enjoy doing with your time?

I like to visit plant nurseries and buy too many plants. I also love experimenting with recipes and enjoying good food.

Do you have any hopes and aspirations for your art? Any upcoming projects you can let us in on?

I hope that people can take the time to look at my art, no matter how many people, my aim is to please peoples eyes with my drawings and maybe make them smile. That’s why I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be featured. I have a few ongoing projects with ‘Lemon and Jinja’ (the zero waste store that shares a car park with SewHayleyJane) as well as a new baby food company overseas, so that’s super fun!