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Make Of The Month; Erin

Every month I trawl the #sewhayleyjanemakes hashtag to find out what everyone has been making and select one lovely maker to tell us more about their beautiful garment. This month it was Erin @erinkatesherry

Hi! I’m Erin and I’m from Glasgow.

I started sewing in February 2020 which was just perfect timing for the first lock down, I sewed voraciously! I’m generally crafty and do like to keep my hands busy so it gave me a great escape.

I’d been lusting after SewHayleyJane boxes since I first discovered them – I love the whole concept, a surprise (always amazing and not something you get enough of as an adult) and all the pieces together to do a project – count me in. Nevertheless, it took me a bit of time to have the confidence in my abilities to sign up. So 2021 came and I finally decided I was good enough to make it worthwhile. My first box was the ‘Sunday Brunch’ box, which was amazing.

March’s box was eagerly awaited. Our post is never reliable for some reason and I was starting to get a bit antsy – stalking the postman. When it arrived, I snatched it away to my office to open it in peace. I know lots of people have a ritual for opening their boxes, and take their time. That’s not me. I’m like a wee one on Christmas morning, tearing in.

An audible gasp escaped! The fabric was beautiful! So soft and buttery, just fabulous. And those labels! Featuring a reminder that I’m sure we all need from time to time. Certainly know I do.

I received the Dashwood rayon geometric print in the red/purpley colour way (technical term!). I’d decided to make the ‘Cress’ skirt from Mood which is a FREE pattern! But when I looked at the fabric requirements it supposedly needed 5 yards! I was nervous, but a bit of pattern piece Tetris, and I needn’t have worried. The fabric was beautiful to cut, cutting ‘fancy’ fabric always just feels a bit different, doesn’t it?

I’d taken a day off work to sew in peace, sometimes it’s a wee bit hazardous trying to sew with two small people around. Whilst this wasn’t the most complicated project I’ve undertaken, it was pretty time consuming – that is a lot of hem! But the fabric was so enjoyable to sew with, and the whole experience felt like a lovely self-care treat to myself, I didn’t mind so much spending 50 minutes on one hem.

I haven’t had the chance to wear it out of the house yet – I’m picturing the warm summer days and beer gardens with friends that I hope are in all of our futures, I think it will be the perfect outfit for sipping cider in the sunshine.

I sewed this up within a couple of days of my box arriving, so this month has felt really long! I am so excited for next months’ box.