A monthly box of sewing goodies, delivered to your door

Subscriber Profile; Angela

Every month I ask one of my lovely subscribers to tell us a little bit more about themselves, how they got into sewing and what they enjoy about signing up to the SewHayleyJane boxes. This month I caught up with Angela who you can find on Instagram @devon.threadtales.

Tell us about your sewing journey. When and how did you start sewing?

I first started sewing when I was a teenager – but this really isn’t where my sewing journey fully took flight. I had knowledge of how to use a machine, and could vaguely read a pattern. I also had an old machine that my mum had gifted to me when she upgraded hers. It had sat in the corner of my dining room gathering dust for a very long time!

Roll on about 25 years and you’ll find me trying to find clothes to buy for myself on the highstreet, and just not getting the fashion or liking it particularly, or when I found something I liked, I found it to be either not very well made or just a bit pricey for me.

I have absolutely no idea where the inclination or the thought sprang from, but I just suddenly started to think – “I could make that!”. I trawled through Pinterest and googled easy sewing and Tilly and the Buttons kept popping up. I bought a pattern – The Fifi set, and looked at it for about another year!!!!! I know, but I just panicked and couldn’t brave actually sewing. I still to this day haven’t made the Fifi Set!

Then around 2 years ago, I bought another pattern – Tilly and the Buttons, the Bettine Dress.  I bought some chambray (not that I realised that was what it was called back then!) from a local haberdashery and just made it! I could not believe that I had made this dress, that fit, and (even though I say so myself) looked pretty alright! That was it – I was hooked. There started my obsession to sew, to look at and buy patterns and fabric.

You have been subscribed to the Classic box since April this year, do you have a favourite box from the last few months?

It’s a bit cliche, but honestly my first box has to be my favourite. I was so worried once I had committed to ordering about what might arrive, and I can’t tell you how much I absolutely loved it. It was the Ray of Sunshine – with the main fabric being the tropical leaves viscose. I can get quite stuck in choosing similar fabric and playing safe. This fabric was nothing like I had ordered before, but I loved it sooooo much. I knew what I wanted to make very quickly.

I loved the fat quarters, they were so bright and cheerful, and the labels from Crafty Pin up with “You’ve got this” were just fab. I was new to labels, having not used them much before, and I loved this sentiment. In fact I have just used one in a garment that I made for my daughter, so that when she goes off to school she sees that.

I ended up making 2 things from this box. I made the Deer and Doe Fumeterre skirt with the viscose, and I also made a pair of Tilly and the Buttons Jamie PJ shorts for my daughter from the fat quarters – they were so fun, being in all different fabrics, but all matching.

What is the best thing about receiving a monthly box of sewing goodies?

Having a surprise every month (a good one!) is always a great thing. I love the fact that so far the fabric has all been things that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, but so far have loved everyone. It is easy, like I said before to sometimes stay in your comfort zone, but I feel like these boxes help to move you out of that and experiment and try new things.

I particularly like the fact that you know lots of people have received the same fabric, and that you see how others have interpreted that for their own makes. It’s just fabulous inspiration.

Sometimes the box arrives just as I’m leaving for work, and I love to leave it unopened until I get home. I find this very exciting and gets me through a work day.

Do you have a favourite make from your subscription?

This is a bit of a tough one, as I have made a few things. Honestly though, I think the skirt made from my first box. Which again proves it is so good to try new things. The fabric is so bright and cheerful. It’s incredibly soft, so it feels so lovely when you are swishing – oops, I mean walking around. I also love the fact that when I realised I had misinterpreted the pattern a little, I was able to contact Hayley who had a small amount left. It feels like it’s made this garment all the more special as I nearly wasn’t able to make it at all! I have also had some lovely compliments when wearing it too – which always makes you feel nice.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I am currently working on a dress with fabric from my last sew HayleyJaneBox (Art Class). I am making a wrap dress, and using a pattern from Vogue, which is a company I have not tried yet.   I’m excited to see how that turns out. Other than that I have a few things cut out which are slightly on the summery side, but as the season has now changed, I’m beginning to think about warmer clothes, and styles, with an emphasis on cardigans, jumpers and possibly a coat too.   I’m really keen to try out some styles of clothing that I haven’t worn before, and also pattern companies that I have not used too. My main aim is to sew as much of my wardrobe as possible, and some of my families too.