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15 Minute Make – Head Warmer

This is one of the quickest crafts I think I’ve ever done and perfect for this cold snap we are having here in the UK this week. There is nothing better for the soul than getting out for a walk in nature on a sunny and fresh winter day, even better if you can sport handmade accessories.

January’s SewHayleyJane boxes included 1/2m of this gorgeous daisy fleece which is exactly what is needed to keep your little ears warm this winter. I’ve been able to make at least 4 of these headbands from 50cm of this fabric – 2 adult size and 2 kids.

What you will need

  • 2 strips of fleece cut to 22″ x 5″ – This fits an adults head, to make one for a child 19″ x 4″ is a good size, or you can measure their head from the nape of the neck and up over the ears to the top of the head. Cut to this size, once sewn it should fit snuggly as fleece stretches.
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Hand sewing needle (optional)

Place your fleece strips right sides together and pin down the two long edges. Sew a zigzag stitch with 1/5″ seam allowance – you need to leave about 1.5-2″ unsewn on diagonal corners. So on the first edge sew from the short end down, stopping 1.5-2″ from the edge and back stitch. Do the same on the other long edge but make sure the bit you leave unsewn is on the diagonal corner to the other.

Turn the fabric right sides out and just finger press and roll the seams out. Lay your strip down on the table and turn one end over just once, creating this twist in the middle of the strip.

Carefully bring the short ends together making sure to keep the single twist in the middle. The two edges where we left 1.5″-2″ unsewn should match up. This is where we are going to start sewing. Take it slow, you will carefully manoeuvre the raw edges to sew around in a loop.

When you finish and trim the threads it will look like this. Pull the headband so that those raw edges turn inside and the seam edges tuck themselves in.

You can then top stitch or hand sew the opening closed and you have a finished headband. Now fill up a travel mug with a nice hot coffee and take yourself out for a lovely winter walk.