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Esther’s New Burda 6966

Esther had the Luxury Box in December and received the stunning Lady McElroy viscose rickardi lawn and made a pair of Burda 6966 trousers.

My sewjo is back! Well to be fair on my sewjo, I don’t think it ever really left, I think life just became so busy and I struggled to fit sewing in. Life is even busier than before and the lower temperatures affects my sewing productivity. There’s just something about the cold that screams watch predictable Christmas romance movies on the sofa under a warm blanket with the fire on. Which means even when I have time to sew, I want to lie on the sofa more.

As soon as I saw this month’s fabric, I was nostalgic about the warmer months. Touching this beautifully floaty viscose fabric, I was reminded of the sun lightly touching my face on a spring afternoon. As I went through my head thinking about what to make with this beautiful fabric. I started to realise that I’m a movie re-watcher. I would rather watch ‘The Holiday’ for the hundredth time than try a new movie. Guess I’m just comfortable with the expected. What does movies have to do with sewing, you ask. Well turns out movies are not the only things I like to repeat. I also love repeating sewing patterns. If a pattern fits, I’ll change little bits of it and keep making it until I’m tired of it, which never happens. I just love knowing the outcome of a pattern.

As I thought about the fabric and what pattern I thought would best work for it. My first consideration was a shirt dress. I think all the beautiful Tilly and the Buttons Lyra dresses I had seen got me feeling like I needed one or multiple. I wasn’t sure if the Lyra would work with me so I looked at other shirt dress patterns and the more I thought about it, the more I got stuck with the idea of making a TNT. I really like the fabric and I was worried by the idea of messing it up. So I started thinking about what TNT pattern I wanted to use for this fabric.

I am planning two trips to Nigeria next year and even though my first trip is not until spring, I’m thinking ahead and planning as much as possible. I know I have a tendency to make my garments at the very last minute so I am giving this one as much thought as possible. Looking at the fabric and thinking of being in Nigeria, it immediately came to me the pattern I wanted to make.

I opened my box of traced sewing patterns and pulled out the Burda 6966 trouser pattern. I love this pattern so much and I’ve made it a number of times. My last make was for the box and it is my most worn me made garment. The pattern is so simple that the fabric does all the talking. I love how easy it is to dress it up and how I can also wear it casually. Since I’ve made it so many times, it was so easy to make. All the steps have been done so many times that I can do them in my sleep.

It’s no secret that I love a good viscose. I love how easily it presses. I love how the finished product of a viscose fabric is always fabulously floaty. These trousers were no exception. I love them and now I really can’t wait for the sun.