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Esther’s Wiksten Haori

Esther received the Classic box in October and made the Haori Jacket from Wiksten

This was my first time using double gauze fabric and immediately as I saw this fabric, the Deer and Doe Myosotis dress was my first thought. It was such a surprise as I didn’t own this pattern and it’s unusual for me to immediately think of a new to me pattern. I went through the Instagram hashtag for the Myosotis and I began to get excited. However, after looking at the fabric requirements and measuring my fabric, I realised I would need more fabric for the dress I wanted.

Disappointed as I was, I decided to go back to the drawing board. I remembered I had seen a robe style jacket but I just couldn’t remember the name of the pattern. As I began walking the streets of Instagram, I spotted the pattern I was thinking about. It was the Wiksten Haori.

I like fitted garments, even with jackets, I like them a little fitted so the boxy silhouette is not quite me but I am enjoying stepping out of my comfort zone. Before I got excited, I quickly checked how much fabric would be required and I had more than enough fabric so I was glad. I also had some shirting in my stash that I knew would be perfect to line the jacket.

As it was my first time using double gauze, I checked on Youtube to see if I could find any tips on using the fabric. Thankfully, there were tips for using double gauze on Tilly and the Buttons Youtube as well as blog. One thing I learnt was to prepare the fabric as you intended to use it. As such, press it if you want a less textured look or press very lightly or not at all if you want a textured look. I pressed out the fabric and was conscious of pressing it evenly. I had no issues cutting or pressing the fabric.

Whenever I want to make a new pattern, especially with a new to me pattern company, I like to read reviews and possibly contact a few people for any tips. A recurring theme I found was that people sized down, so that is exactly what I did. Based on my measurements, I was in between large and x-large but I decided to make a medium. As the garment is quite loose fitting, I didn’t bother making any adjustments and I didn’t make a toile. The only change I did was to make the upper and under collar out of the outer fabric instead of the lining fabric.

The instructions for the pattern were quite clear and I was able to sew it pretty quickly. I liked that the sleeves were sewn flat so that made things easier.

The Haori is fully lined and the method of attaching the lining to the jacket was quite different from what I was familiar with but it was good to learn a new method. The jacket is made to be reversible but although I have no interest in wearing it on the reverse it’s nice to have the option.

I would say this garment was not love at first try as it is quite different from what I gravitate towards but I can see it getting a lot of wear and love from me. I am happy with how it came out. I also love the folded sleeve look. I feel like this fabric was made for this pattern.