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Fat Quarter Project – Patchwork Coaster

These adorable coasters will make the perfect gift for a loved one and they look really cute, despite being pretty simple to make!  

You will need:

  • Fabric fat quarters – iron to get any creases/folds out.
  • Insulated wadding – you don’t need much, I’m using the leftovers from my Oven Glove and Mug Rug projects!.
  • Pinking Shears
  • Piece of paper/card to make a template
  • Paper scissors
  • Sewing machine with a universal needle
  • Thread 
  • Rotary cutter & cutting mat
  • Tape measure or ruler. 
  • A Quilting ruler would be useful today!
  • Pins/clips

Remember to back stitch at the start and end each time you sew – this is essential to secure your stitches. 

  1. Put one fat quarter to one side – this will form the backing of your coasters. With the others, cut a few strips of fabric 1” and 1.5” wide (the length of these will be approx 18”, which is the short length of a fat quarter). 
  1. We’re now going to sew these strips together to create one piece of fabric. I will be alternating between red and pink, but the design is your choice. 

Take two strips, sew them (with a ¼” seam allowance) right sides facing along one long edge, press the seam to one side, then repeat, continuing until you have a piece of fabric approximately 7” wide. This will be enough for two coasters – obviously double this width if you want to make four.   

  1. Now we need to create a heart template. Take your piece of paper/card and cut out a 7” square. Fold this in half and draw on half of a heart shape (the folded edge should be the halfway point of the heart). Cut along the line you’ve drawn then open it out to see a lovely heart shape.  
  1. Using your heart template, cut out one patchwork piece, one wadding and one backing per coaster. 
  1. Layer up the pieces by placing your backing piece right side down, your wadding piece on top and then your patchwork piece on top, right side up. Pin these together. 
  1. Now you need to decide if you’d like to quilt your coaster or not – you could just stitch in the ditch between the stripes of fabric, or create a more fancy quilting design. However, you could also just skip the quilting altogether – your choice! I opted to stitch in the ditch along my seam lines. 
  1. Sew a line of top stitching, 1” inside the outer edge of your heart. 
  1. With pinking shears, cut around the outside edge of your heart (around ¼” from your top stitching line).
  1. Trim off any loose threads, give it a quick press on both sides and you’re done!

This project can be easily adapted to make placemats and pot holders, as well as hanging decorations. Simply change the size of your heart template, then add a hanging loop if it’s just for decoration.