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Gemma’s Patina Blouse

Now that the boxes have changed to having a 1m piece of fabric instead of Fat Quarters, there are lots more opportunities to get creative with garments that you can make with smaller amounts. 

One way I like to get the most from the fabric is by colour blocking, using a different fabric that matches the main one. I like playing around with different combinations, seeing which fabric works best in which parts, something which is great to do when you might not have time to do the actual sewing but still want to work on something creative. 

This is what I did with this month’s fabric, choosing to pair this great monochrome print with a plain black viscose, to add extra unique visual elements to the garment.

I love the simplicity of this month’s fabric. As much as I love a bold print, sometimes it is tricky to mix and match your wardrobe pieces when they all clash! So paring it down to prints like this is perfect for filling in the gaps, so that it can go with nearly everything. As I only  had 1m I knew it would be enough for a blouse of some sort, and as I was going to add the plain black, I had just the pattern in mind for playing along with the statement vibe.

The Patina Blouse by Friday Pattern Company is a great wardrobe staple blouse – it comes with the option of a lower neckline, with a more statement looking collar, and would be perfect for colour blocking. I chose to use the plain black for the collar, and then also for the back yokes in order to tie it all together, and used the monochrome print for the rest of the blouse. 

I went short sleeve, as I wanted to use the main fabric for the sleeves, but also because I like the idea of being able to add a thermal layer underneath when it is colder. 

I made a size XL and find that the fit is great – fitted but without being tight, especially across the bust. Friday Pattern Company instructions are so easy to follow, and this top is fairly easy to put together. 

One thing I did differently with this blouse was to try something new – using snaps instead of buttons! For me this is a big thing, as I am a die hard button fan. I love how individual you can make your garments just by choosing amazing looking buttons to pair with your fabric. 

However this step can be time consuming, and is always slightly scary when sewing with a tricky fabric like viscose, as it can move around. I came across Hemline No Tool plastic snaps (which is slightly misleading as you do still need a tool to make a hole!) and thought I would give them a try with this blouse. And I have to say, I love them! Once I had worked out how to install them (they come in pairs so you have to match them up) it was so quick and easy – you literally prick a small hole where you want the snap and then click both sides together sandwiching the fabric! So much quicker than having to make buttonholes and then sewing on buttons, and I think the simple look of them really ties well with the blouse. 

I love how this blouse looks, from a simple monochrome print to something that looks impactful and will go with so much in my wardrobe – this is what you can do with 1m of fabric!