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Laura’s Appleton Dress

We all deserve some self-love, and what better way than a brand-new dress that hugs your body in softness and makes you feel fabulous!

Like many, it is the holy grail to find a decent wrap dress that doesn’t gape (or flash!). Luckily for us, Cashmerette has done the hard work for us with the Appleton; a classic wrap dress designed for curves.

Bustier ladies rejoice, the pattern comes in three cup sizes! This paired with the neckband structure keeps your girls in check, so you don’t have to worry about falling out. The bodice itself is actually dartless, but it fits wonderfully and you don’t have to worry with an FBA.

The pattern suggests using light to mid-weight knit fabric such as jersey or ITY with at least 50% crosswise stretch, which makes this scrumptious jersey the perfect match. My goodness, how incredibly soft, it is truly a treat to have it against your skin. Super duper snuggly whilst being light to drape beautifully. A definite member of the secret pyjamas club!

For ease, I sewed the dress fully on my regular sewing machine using the zig-zag stitch and left the seams unfinished. That’s the good thing about sewing with jersey – no fraying!

The sizing put me at a size 16 at the bust (with the E/F) cup and waist, and a 20 hip… I know, I am very much a pear! For A-line and circle skirts, I don’t usually bother grading at the hips as there is often more than enough ease, but because this was a straight skirt I decided that it would be best to grade between the sizes. However, when I tried it on, I had little pouches on the sides! Not a flattering look.

I drew a seam line directly on the dress with a washable fabric pen to cut out the extra bulk, that was pretty much along the original size 16. I’m really happy with the fit, however next time I will just cut a straight 16 and maybe hitch up the shoulders a couple of cm to really nail it.

The pattern comes with three sleeve lengths: short, elbow and long, but I suppose you can just cut it to wherever you like! I went with the elbow length sleeves, but if you were feeling fancy you could use the slash and spread method to get butterfly sleeves, which I think would look really lovely too.

Other than the size grading, I didn’t make any other adjustments. For me, the length is spot on however it would be very easy to shorten/lengthen exactly as you like as it is just a straight skirt.

In true style of a classic wrap dress, there is no separate bodice and skirt piece. Just 2 fronts and a back, along with the sleeves, ties and neckband pieces. Quick to cut out and quick to sew. Nothing too fiddly. The sleeves are sewn in flat and then the sides are sewn all together.

Instructions were also really good and clear. An ambitious beginner could definitely tackle this.

I’m not the quickest sewist by any stretch but this dress came together in an afternoon. Before you know it, you have a whole new dress just for you!

I’ve got absolutely nothing bad to say about this dress at all. It just ticks all the boxes!

To Me,

Here is a beautiful dress, you deserve it.

Love Me