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Laura’s Patina Blous

Laura received the Classic Box this month and turned her beautiful lightening bolt double gauze into a Friday Pattern Company Patina Blouse

Starting the new year with a bang, well… a lightning bolt! Hayley certainly delivers the goods this

I fell in love with this fabric immediately. Firstly, it’s the softest, snuggliest double gauze, which is big
tick for me. The beautiful dusty cornflower navy blue is right up my street, and the foiled lightning
bolts are just so fun.

Since I made my Anthea Blouse using the double gauze from the October “Dream a Little Dream”
box I have worn it so much that I wanted to make something similar with this double gauze too.

The love affair with Friday Pattern Company continues as I decided to make their latest pattern, the
Patina Blouse. I love Friday Pattern Company not only for their beautifully designed garments that
you want to make over and over again, but their instructions are also brilliant. I’d had the pattern printed ready to go pretty much since day 1, and it was now the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

There are options for differing depth necklines. I went for the standard one which ended up hitting
at exactly the right point on me.

I went for the long sleeve version which has a bound placket and button-up cuff. I’ve tried a fair few
methods of sleeve plackets now in my abundance of shirt patterns, and I think that this may be my
favourite for an invisible finish. It can be a little tricky to decipher and I found it easier to watch it on
the accompanying sew-a-long video.

Like in the Anthea Blouse, the double gauze holds up in the sleeves wonderfully. There is a slight
“poufy-ness” in the sleeve head which tapers out to a wonderfully full sleeve and is then gathered
into a cuff. I can see myself interchanging this sleeve in other patterns.

I love the softness of the double gauze in the body, but for the collar I wanted something clean and
sharp. I used some plain navy, almost black cotton poplin as a contrast which I think works really

It is exciting that there are so many options you take the collar to truly make this blouse your own.
You could add piping or lace around the edge, embroider a pretty motif, or change the shape
completely! Maybe a scallop shape? The possibilities are truly endless.

I adorned mine with this super cute “Making is Magic” iron-on patch that came in the Kylie and the
Machine advent calendar and some metallic stars.

Finally, you know I’m a magpie for beautiful buttons. I picked out these from Pigeon Wishes, which
are truly sublime. These are in “Nightshade” which are dark blue and black marbled and match so
well with the fabric and the collar combination.

I’m certainly not a quick sewist by any stretch, and for me this wasn’t a super quick sew, but it was
very satisfying as all the elements came together. I thoroughly enjoyed the making process and
working with this gorgeous fabric. It is so snuggly and comfortable to wear whilst looking rather

Secret pyjamas forever!