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Subscriber Profile; Lisa

March’s SewHayleyJane Subscriber Profile was with Lisa who got in touch with me over email. Let’s find out more about Lisa’s sewing journey

Tell us about your sewing journey. When and how did you start sewing?

I was given a sewing machine as a leaving present when I changed jobs five years ago – that’s how long it stayed in the box – I was always going to get around to it but never seemed to find the time! When lockdown hit, with two children, we were always looking to keep busy and try new things. My youngest daughter asked about the sewing machine – I kept putting it off – mainly because I didn’t have a clue where to start. I’d heard of the word bobbin but did I really know what it was? erm… nope! In May I took the plunge and with the help (or was it hindrance?) of my two children it finally made it out of the box. Alongside a YouTube unboxing video we managed to get it all up and running and I completed my first ever sewing project. I wanted to learn more and more and try new things, not one for learning to walk before I can run, I threw myself in and within a few months I had completed all sorts of projects but what I really wanted was a dress. I love dresses and the thought of making my own was exciting, I read books, I watched online videos, I read blogs and then had a go myself following a pattern (scary), that was it, I was hooked.

You have been subscribed to the Classic box since September 2020, what made you want to sign up?

When it came to fabrics – like with the sewing machine I didn’t know where to start and it’s not that easy when you don’t really know what questions to ask or exactly what you’re looking for. So I loved the idea of the box as it would introduce me to a range of different fabrics, give suggestions on how to use them and move me out of my comfort zone in terms of colour and prints. As someone who is completely new to dressmaking I also liked the idea of getting information every month about recommendations for different businesses where I can shop online or seeing what other patterns people are using.

Do you have a favourite box from the last few months?

I really liked the November box, the colour and the pattern of the viscose was a good choice for me. The fabric was easier to work with than I thought and I ended up making the ultimate shift dress from Sew Over It – it can be dressed up for work but is comfy enough too for around the house. I loved the fat quarters too, they were so cute, my children spotted these straight away and ended up being used as a new pencil case, face masks and some bunting as a gift.

What is the best thing about receiving a monthly box of sewing goodies?

I love the fact that it tips the idea of a dress/item of clothing on its head – for me it would always be the pattern that stands out first then I’d find the fabric but getting the box means I get to match something I want to wear to the fabric and I like the challenge of this. It also gives me loads of ideas and sends me down roads that I’ve not looked at yet or helps me discover something I knew nothing about. There’s always a sweet treat that I never have to share and the best bit is – it’s a surprise – so what’s not to love?

Do you have a favourite make from your subscription?

I made a pair of lounge pants from the mustard cotton double gauze fabric in the October box. I absolutely love them, they are so warm and cosy yet light and easy to wear at the same time. But I think my new favourite has to be the wrap skirt I made from the brushed cotton tartan fabric from the Christmas Box, I replaced the ties with buttons and added the braces. I never wear tartan – or skirts for that matter but I really like how this looks on.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I have just cut out the Nina Lee Carnaby dress pattern and plan on using a jade needlecord fabric, every time I make a new dress I like to learn a new skill – this time it’s the pockets. I am also planning on making a pair of pyjamas from the cotton fruit fabric in last month’s box.  Exciting!