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Esther’s Adrienne Dress

Esther received the red viscose jersey in November’s Classic Box and made a Friday Pattern Company Adrienne blouse, lengthening it to a dress.

I have been doing very minimal sewing, so it is always lovely to get an excuse to do some sewing. I am particularly excited about this month’s box. I cannot believe how long I lived in fear of sewing knits and now I absolutely love sewing with them. This viscose jersey was such a beautiful fabric and it is so soft.

As soon as I saw the fabric, I was excited and couldn’t wait to see what I would make. Top on my list of options was the Deer and Doe Sirroco jumpsuit. I have been wanting to make it for a while but I keep going back and forth. However, after pre-washing the fabric and handling it, I decided it had to be a dress. What dress? I didn’t know but a dress nonetheless. I started looking through my stash and actually decided on a Vogue knit wrap dress but I kept on thinking about it and I decided it best to go for a pattern I know and love.

In comes the Adrienne blouse by Friday Pattern Company. I love this pattern so so much. It is one of those that takes little effort but looks so amazing. I have made multiple of them in the past so I know what I’m doing and I am able to make one in an hour. Since I simply lengthened the blouse pattern into a dress, it was an easy adjustment to make.

I made a size medium, I didn’t actually calculate how many inches I added to make the dress but I made sure the full measurement of the dress was about 34”. When I first tried it on, I thought I had made it too short, as I was going for midi length, but I think it’s the perfect length for tights and knee high boots as it gets colder.

I love the dramatic sleeves on the Adrienne blouse, I think it makes the whole look. However, I was short on fabric on my previous Adrienne and took out some volume from the sleeve pattern, just to make things fit and I actually found that I really liked the look. I took out 7.5cm from the sleeve pattern. I think the sleeves still give drama.

The fabric was so easy to work with, it pressed like a dream and sewed easily too. I was able to make this dress from start to finish in about 90 mins. I love knits for the instant gratification and the forgiving fit. I am looking forward to adding multiple knit garments into my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.