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Esther’s Anna Jumpsuit Hack

In February Esther received the Luxury box with up to 3.5m of Lady McElroy Prosecco Fizz cotton lawn. She created a jumpsuit using the By Hand London Anna bodice and trousers from New Look 6509

The excitement to receive this box was real! I knew it was my turn to get the luxury box so I had an overload of ideas. I thought about making a pair of trousers, then I thought about a robe style jacket, then a dress, the Nina Lee Bakerloo top, the Winslow culottes and a whole number of options. After a while, I decided my best bet would be to prewash the fabric and see if the fabric speaks to me after.

As I brought out the fabric from the wash, I was hoping that I would just know what to make. Of course, that didn’t happen. I left the fabric for some time still unsure what to make but having just too many options. I began to think of making a pair of Winslow culottes with a matching top for a faux jumpsuit look. But I still wasn’t settled on what to make.

I ended up settling on a few options but as I couldn’t make up my mind, I decided to put it up on my Instagram and see if anyone will assist with my choice. My options at this time were Deer and Doe Myosotis, By Hand London Anna maxi dress or a jumpsuit using the By Hand London Anna bodice. Someone said the jumpsuit sounded like a good idea. That was all I needed.

I pressed my fabric and decided an Anna dress hacked into a jumpsuit was going to be my choice. I hadn’t used cotton lawn before but I enjoyed the process of making this garment immensely. The fabric is nice and stable so it’s easy to press, cut and sew.

At this time, I have a good number of Anna dresses so making the bodice took me absolutely no time. For the trousers, I decided to use a pattern I had used to make a jumpsuit previously, New Look 6509. On my last try using this pattern, I had to take in the trousers a lot so I decided it was better to size down.

After making my trousers and attaching my bodice to them, I tried them on prior to finishing the waist seam and inserting the zip and I almost wept. The trousers were just too tight. They were digging in everywhere. It was so upsetting. I was confused because based on my previous attempt, sizing down was the way to go. But looking back at my previous jumpsuit, I realised the fabric I had used had some stretch so that accounted for my need to take them in.

I was annoyed at myself but it was too late to do much about it so I did the most important thing and slept on it. In the morning, with fresh eyes, I decided to reduce some of the seam allowances to give the jumpsuit more room. It fits more comfortably now, but it could be looser.

Except for the fact that the jumpsuit is slightly snug, I actually enjoyed making this and I liked having a complete garment. So I’m now in the market for some more fabulous jumpsuit patterns.