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Make a Cosy Snood

In February Laura received the Mini box and used her 1m of fruity print cotton poplin to make a cosy snood that can double up as a face covering keeping you warm and protected all at once!

Since lockdown started, I have been trying to keep active by going on walks. However, it’s not so pleasant when you are being blasted by icy winds in your face! So, I share with you my tutorial for making a cosy snood in this month’s fabulously fruity cotton. It also doubles as a face covering if I should happen to stop at the shop for some sweeties!


  • 0.5m of main fabric
  • 0.5m fleecy backing fabric
  • 1.8 meters of drawstring cord
  • 1x toggle
  • Scrap of iron-on interfacing

1. Cut your fabric – measure around your head and neck to decide how wide you want your snood. You want it to be snug, but also make sure that you can easily get it over your head! I went for 29” wide x 16 ” long.

2. Right sides together, sew together along one long edge.

3. Mark the middle along the seam and adhere a piece of interfacing (according to the manufacturer’s instructions) on the wrong fabric side. It should be large enough to accommodate 2 x 2cm buttonholes.

4. Using the centre mark as a guide, mark where you want your buttonholes to be on the main fabric side. Mine are approx. 3/8” from the seam, ¾” from the centre and 6/8” long. Sew your buttonholes on your machine, add a little fray-check and open them up. If you didn’t want to do buttonholes, you could install eyelets here instead.

5. Right sides together, sew along the opposite long edge. You should now have a tube that is open on both short sides.

6. Turn the snood right sides out, and then fold back on itself so the short sides are right sides together.

7. Matching the seams, pin all around the edge. Sew around leaving approx. a 4” gap for turning.

8. Pull your snood to the right way around through the gap. Then hand-stitch the gap closed using a slip-stitch. Give the snood a good press from the right side.

9. Make a channel for your cord by sewing a line of stitching approx. 2” from the top-edge all the way around.

10. Use a safety pin to thread your cord through one buttonhole, all the way around and out of the other. Cut to desired length and add your toggle.