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Esther’s McCalls 7757

The weather has been beautifully warm these past few days which got me thinking about Summer and the clothes I’d like to wear as it gets warmer. I also just got back from Nigeria where it was 23 degrees everyday so I got a reminder of how my wardrobe is not always warm weather appropriate.

I was reminded that for whatever reason, the heat makes me want to eat more. And I need clothes that can accommodate extra room around the waistline. However, my preferred style involves fit and flare dresses, wide leg trousers, circle skirts; all with defined waistline. The problem with this is when the weather is extreme and I really don’t want any clothes touching me, a fitted waistband is not fun and it doesn’t accommodate for more room around my waist.

When I got this month’s box, I started considering my options on what to make. Asking myself all the right questions – should I be practical about my make? Or should I make something I want to make without considering how much I’d wear it? The practical side of my sewing doesn’t always win because I like having fun with it as well. But I’m trying to build a wardrobe so I decided to be practical about my choice.

Trying to make a practical choice, only two options came to me. A kaftan dress or a pair of elastic waist trousers. In Nigeria, kaftans are extremely popular, they are easy to wear and fit so it makes sense that you see a lot of people wearing them. So my mind is filled with kaftan inspiration – maxi length, midi length, v-necks, round necks, belted kaftans, elastic waist kaftans. My mind is full of all types of kaftans, creating analysis paralysis. I couldn’t just decide what kaftan I’d like to make. And most of these kaftans I like don’t have a sewing pattern but I’ve found some YouTube videos I hoped could work.

I find that I’m quite comfortable with sewing patterns, there’s a level of predictability it gives me. I’m able to predict the issues I may have and how to fix them. However, with a tutorial where you just cut the fabric using measurements, I’m usually worried I may not get things right. So I decided to go to my second option which was a pair of elastic waist trousers.

I know a number of people find sewing trousers challenging but not me, I have been making them since the beginning of my journey with ease. I decided to go for the McCalls 7757 which is a pattern from my stash. Even though I have made a good number of trousers, I usually gravitate towards trousers with zips. It was nice to change the pace.

The pattern has in seam pockets and it was the easiest pair of trousers I’ve ever made. The trousers came together very quickly with only three pattern pieces. The waistband is created by folding over the trouser pieces so it was a nice quick make. The sewing was helped with the fabric as it was so lovely to cut and press. Sewing it was also a lovely experience.

I’m so glad I made these trousers because I can see myself reaching for them all summer long. The fabric has so many beautiful colours so the trousers can fit with a number of my plain tees.