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Fat Quarter Project; Reusable Bowl Covers

This quick & easy tutorial will help you to create some cute bowl covers to use when storing food in the fridge (or to keep those flies out if dining al fresco!) I like to make overnight oats, so these are perfect to use rather than cling film or foil.  

You will need:

  • Fabric fat quarters – iron to get any creases/folds out.
  • Sewing machine with a universal needle
  • Thread 
  • Fabric scissors
  • Bowls to draw round (whichever bowls you want to cover)
  • Narrow elastic (Around ¼”)
  • Tape measure of measuring gauge
  • Safety pin
  • Chalk/Fabric marker
  • Pins/clips
  • Pinking Shears or overlocker

Remember to back stitch at the start and end each time you sew – this is essential to secure your stitches. 

  1. Turn your bowl upside down and place it on your fabric.
  1. Using a measuring tape/gauge and fabric marker, make marks 2” / 5cm away from the bowl, all the way around the circumference. Join these together to make a circle.
  1. Cut your circle out using pinking shears. Alternatively, cut out with normal scissors then finish the outside edge with an overlocker or zig-zag/overcast stitch. 
  1. Fold the finished edge over (wrong sides together) by ½” all the way round and pin/clip in place. You’ll probably get some little folds/tucks here, but that’s absolutely fine!
  1. Sew close to the finished edge, but leave a 2” gap open. 
  1. Cut a piece of elastic, approximately 4” / 10cm smaller than the circumference of the bowl. Using a safety pin, insert the elastic into the casing around the outside of the circle.
  1. Overlap the ends of the elastic by ½” then sew them together to secure. I found it easier to do this by hand. 
  1. Stitch the gap closed then use your fingers to spread out the fabric evenly around the elastic.

And there you go – you’ve finished your bowl cover. Now you can whip up as many as you need! 

If you get stuck on any aspects of the tutorial, please feel free to send me a message and I’ll help. 

Share your finished makes on instagram, using the hashtag #SewHayleyJaneFQ and tag me @sewn_on_the_tyne

Tamlyn xx