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Fat Quarter Tutorial – Passport Cover

Brighten up your passport and make those airport lounges just a touch more exciting with a fun passport cover – this would also make a great Father’s Day gift this month! 

Materials Needed

  • Fat Quarters
  • 14cm thin elastic
  • Button
  • Sewing machine with universal needle
  • Thread
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat or scissors
  • Tape measre or ruler
  • Pins or clips
  • Hand sewing needle

The seam allowance for this project is 1cm

Iron your fabric first to remove any creases.

Remember to back stitch at the start and end each time you sew – this is essential to secure your stitches. 

Choose a coordinating thread, I’ve used a contrast thread to make it easier to see.

Step 1

Decide which fabrics you want to use for your outer, lining and sleeves. You could choose just one design for all the pieces or mix them up as I have done.

Cut one outer – 22cm x 16cm

Cut one lining – 22cm x 16cm

Cut two sleeves – 10cm x 16cm

Step 2

Take your lining pieces and, being cautious of the direction of your print, fold and press 1cm along one long edge, fold and press 1cm again. Topstitch in place and repeat for the other lining piece.

Step 3

Place your lining piece right side up on the table and put your sleeve pieces, wrong side down, at each of the short ends lining up the raw edges so that the folded edges are facing towards the middle. Pin and baste in place with a 0.5cm seam allowance.

Step 4

Take your outer piece and, right side facing up, find the centre of the left short edge and mark with a pin or chalk. Bring the ends of your elastic together and place at the centre point so that the loop is faceing the centre and the ends are at the raw edge of the fabric. Baste in place. 

Step 5

Put the outer piece, right sides together with the lining piece, sandwiching the sleeves in between the two. Pin and sew together, making sure to leave a 4cm gap at the bottom edge to turn through. 

Step 6

Clip the corners close to the stitching line and carefully turn the fabric right sides out through the gap you left. Use a point turner or chopstick to carefully tease out the corners into a sharp point.

Step 7

Press the cover flat with a hot iron making sure to turn in the raw edges of the gap. Top stich around all four edges, closing up the turning gap as you go and pivoting at the corners.

Step 8

Thread up a hand sewing needle and stitch a button onto the centre front of the passport case, making sure your stitches only go through the outer and lining pieces and not through the sleeves. 

Step 9

Now all that’s left to do is pack your suitcase and head off to your new destination in handmade style!