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Gemma’s Know Me Patterns ME2019

Oh how I love the 1m challenge! When I receive a Mini Box I know it’s time to get my thinking cap on and work out the best way to use it, and feel that I have become pretty good at getting the most from my smaller amount of fabric. It definitely helps if it is a non-directional print too, as was this month’s fabric: a gorgeous blue rose print cotton that just screams spring!

Having a look through my saved ideas for inspiration, tops tend to be my go to when it comes to smaller units of fabric, and I had a few that I was saving to try for just this kind of project. One of them was from the brand new range of sewing patterns launched by Mimi G – Know Me Patterns. A new company to add to the existing “big 4”. Know Me Patterns are created and designed by makers in the sewing community, giving a fresh new vibe to the world of patterns! One that had been on my radar since its release was ME2019. With princess seams, back button closure and ruffle edge, there are 3 versions of sleeve: long blouson, short or shoulder ties. I knew it would be perfect for a 1m project, especially when the sample on the packet is in a similar fabric to the one I’m using!

I decided to go for the shoulder tie version, and had no trouble getting the pieces cut from my fabric, although I must add a disclaimer here: the top is lined, so you basically sew the bodice twice and I decided to use a plain white poplin for this as I didn’t want the print to ‘ghost’ through the main bodice. This kind of pattern is great for smaller amounts of fabric as it is constructed in several smaller pieces, meaning you can really get creative with the layout for cutting. Another reason I’m a big fan of Mimi G patterns is that they all come with step-by-step videos, which is really helpful if you find written instructions and illustrations a little confusing.

I may have gone into this make a little naively and thought it would be relatively simple, but there were certainly a few moments of head scratching with construction! To create the ‘gathered’ look on the bust you sew another layer on top of your bodice, which sounds simple but I found mine way too big, and also quite tricky to do evenly. I did consider leaving it off altogether and having it as a plain cup, but as it was the first time making it (and we all know I’m not one to do a toile) I wanted to persevere to see how it would look. Personally unless you are using a sheer fabric I wouldn’t bother adding this piece.

I do have a few fit issues. There’s a little gaping at the middle bust, so perhaps a bust adjustment of some sorts is needed (not something I’ve usually had to do, but then this is designed to be close fitted.)

I’m also not convinced on the length for me. It looks longer on the sample, and although I love a cropped top it feels like the ruffle hits just a bit too high and perhaps it would have been better to lengthen the bodice slightly? However, styled in my usual tucked-into-jeans fashion or with high waisted trousers I absolutely love it!

I will need to move the back shoulder ties in more towards the centre as where they sit now means the straps just keep falling off my shoulders and aren’t comfortable. Perhaps this may help the bust sit more flat so we will see!

Overall I give this pattern a big thumbs up, and cannot wait to give the long sleeve version a try!