A monthly box of sewing goodies, delivered to your door

Interview; Glitter Magic

Every month I interview the creative person behind the business whose product was featured in the boxes that month. October’s Autumn Hues box included a cute little button badge designed and made by Lauren of Glitter Magic

How did you get started in illustration?

I have always been a creative individual, it seems to run in the family, with my mother and grandma being my creative role models. Art and textiles we’re my favourite subjects at school (I confess my sewing skills are now rather rusty) and continued drawing and painting long after finishing my A levels so in a way it’s been ingrained in me for as long as I can remember.

What made you want to start your own business?

It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own business. The freedom and flexibility of working for myself is fantastic and I’m so grateful that this is my life. After working in several retail jobs and feeling deflated I took a big leap and quit my job to pursue my dreams. It sounds a little cliche but, do what makes you happy. 

What do you find to be the highs and lows of running a business?

Highs –

• Flexibility to choose my work hours

• Getting positive customer feedback

• Creative freedom to express myself

• Setting and smashing my goals

• Working from home and avoiding rush hour

• Having important business meetings with my cat’s anytime I want (not that they listen)

Lows –

• Tax returns

• Working by yourself can be lonely

• There’s no guaranteed monthly income

• Taking time off is difficult, I regularly find myself working when I’m meant to have a day off

What does a typical day look like for you?

My days tend to begin at 9am when I’ll sit down at my desk with a coffee and check through my outstanding orders and emails. At this point I’ll write myself a to do list (I love a good list!) and a ‘make’ list for all the products that have been ordered. 

Normally I’ll pop on a good podcast or audiobook and get started on making my orders. As each order is made by myself once purchased it’ll take me several hours to get through them all, especially when the cats find it amusing to watch the cutting machine in action or chew on my sellotape.

By now it’s time for lunch and it’s probably around 1/2pm, I’m not very good at taking a break. I’ll take half an hour or so to have a bite to eat and play with the cats before I get into designing new products. I love digital drawing and use my beloved combination of my Ipad and the Procreate drawing app.

The afternoon is spent designing and testing design ideas, photographing new products and editing listings for upcoming collections. I’ll pop into town at some point to post my orders, usually after the school run is over to avoid the traffic.

It’s about 5pm when the cats notify me of their hunger by attempting to claw my feet and I lose focus. This is when I’ll start to shut down the computer and tidy the studio.

My social media channels get my attention in the evenings. Posting to the grid and replying to comments, networking and chatting with other small business owners on facebook and spending most of my time on pinterest. Sometimes I’ll pop back into the studio late in the evening to get a head start on orders. Then it’s time for bed and repeat. 

Where do you find inspiration for new products?

My inspiration comes from so many places, but I’d say the majority of my ideas come from my life experiences and the things I love to do. If I’m struggling with creative block a good walk outside around the park and an occasional trip to the shops usually gives me a fresh mindset.

We love to be nosey, tell us a little bit about your workspace.

My studio is the spare box room so I have limited space, it’s already overflowed into my bedroom. As I spend all day at my desk I’ve tried to make it a bright and inspiring place by introducing lots of colourful prints.

With four printers, a cutting machine, laminator, computer and a new secret piece of equipment there just isn’t enough workspace. I have to store my badge presses and bring them out when needed.

I’d love to eventually have my own unit and be able to have everything together so I don’t run down the hallway whenever I print some stickers. For now though this works just fine and I enjoy the process.

Any new products in the pipeline?

I’m working on bringing some brand new products to Glitter Magic with my secret equipment but I’ve not reached the point where I can divulge just yet. 

I can however tell you about my next collection launching soon. Christmas! Yes, my favourite time of the year. I’m drawing up some festive little buddies right now that’ll be turned into Christmas cards, little button badges and magnets, wooden pins for your jackets, stickers and gift labels for decorating your presents.

Keep your eyes peeled on my social media channels for exciting release dates. I might even throw in a surprise or two if I’m feeling extra festive.