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Laura’s Pietra Shorts

With some contrasting fabric Laura used June’s viscose from the Mini Box to make a pair of Closet Core Patterns Pietra Shorts.

Can you believe that this is my first pair of me-made shorts? I know!

I always struggled finding well fitting shorts in ready-to-wear. Too tight on the legs, too loose on the waist, too booty-skimming. Nightmare. This also somewhat put me off making my own in fear of spending time making something to have the same problems.

The warm weather we had recently really had me hankering for some, so it’s about time I got over this and make myself a pair.

I decided on the Pietra Pants pattern from Closet Core. They are high-waisted, have a flat front and an elasticated back – perfect! This was another from their Rome collection released back in 2019 along with the Cielo Top that I made with the recent “Spring has Sprung” Mini Box from March. I’m sensing a theme.

To get a good fit on my waist, I graded between sizes. If you do this, make sure you read the guide in the instructions as there is a specific way to do this as to not interfere with the pattern construction. I did a quick baste fit about half-way through just to double check the ease around the hips and thankfully no issue at all.

I used an offcut of some blue cotton gingham for the pocket bag and front facings, which turned out really well as I love the contrast whilst still having the cute cottage-core vibe. I couldn’t resist using my Little Rosy Cheeks “Sew Perfick” patch from last month’s box to complete the look.

There is just so much I love about this pattern.

First off, as expected from Closet Core Patterns, the instructions and the drafting were impeccable. They came together in just a few hours and were very enjoyable to sew. The construction of the pocket and the method of inserting the elastic I think is really clever and gives a lovely, neat finish.

I like the fact that there is no defined waistband at the front which gives a nice, clean look – if you’re self-conscious of your tummy, this is a very flattering cut. Instead, there is a wide front facing that adds a good amount of structure. The seam lines down from the pocket construction offers a tailored look which makes the shorts feel dressier and less like pyjamas, but with all the comfort with the elasticated back. It cinches you in without feeling like it’s cutting your torso in half.

Another good thing is the length of the shorts themselves. The rise is perfect on me, and the leg length is also spot on. If you’re in the thick thigh club like me, in warm weather I need something between my legs to stop the dreaded chafing. These shorts offer the exact amount of coverage.

Basically, I cannot recommend this pattern enough. I especially love how they look in this floral viscose, super light and floaty.  Even better that you can (nearly) get these out of 1 meter – a good one to raid your fat quarter and offcut stash to make a contrasting pocket bag like these. There are going to be lots of these in my wardrobe this summer for sure.