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Laura’s Recess Play Pants

If there is something lacking in my wardrobe, it is comfy pants. You know the type – working from home, zoom call trousers. Simple chuck-on bottoms when you’re not in the mood to wear jeans.

A new pattern company on the block that has caught my attention recently is The Matchy Matchy Sewing Club. I just really love their aesthetic. All their garments are designed to have interesting seamlines that work perfectly for patchworking and colour blocking. Great for when you’ve got a 1-meter length, and lots of remnant pieces leftover from past makes!

Having identified my lack of comfy pants, I decided on the Recess Play Pants. They are described as an “everyday easy fitting pant with plenty of room for comfort”. Bang on the money! They have an elasticated waist, front and back pockets with seamlines that allow for “optimal patchwork fun”. Love that for me!

I love the little frill that comes from the mini peplum cuff, so I went for View B. I’m not sure if this makes them more or less pyjama-like, but I’m embracing it regardless.

In order to get the most out of this fabric, I cut my leg pieces on the cross grain. The fabric is directional, but I wouldn’t say obviously so, so I think I get away with it. I teamed it with the beautiful linen chambray that was in the Luxury box last month, and a small amount of this dusty pink cotton twill for the front and back pockets. I think that the colours all complement each other very nicely.

The pattern comes with a very handy, separate “mood board” print-out so you can plan your colour blocking.

I found the whole sewing experience very enjoyable. I was initially concerned that the different weights of fabric would pull the garment out of proportion, but thankfully I had no such issue.

For the back pockets, I recently came across a little tutorial on Instagram from Fauve (from the latest series of Sewing Bee) to do mitred corners on square patch pockets. This gave such a nice finish and eliminated the extra bulk you usually get around corners when it’s just folded up.

There’s topstitching to secure each of the leg seams and pockets which are a lovely extra detail, and I think helps with the different fabric weights to add some structure and stability.

The pattern offers two ways to finish the waistband: beginners and intermediate (that comes with a differing pattern pieces). The beginner’s option has you finish the seams with overlocking/zigzag, whereas the intermediate has you fold in the seam allowance and topstitch from the outside for a neater finish. I chose the intermediate way but to be honest I think it is more faff that its worth, and next time will go for the simple overlocked option for ease.

The instructions are super beginner-friendly, and the construction is nice and straightforward. I can highly recommend for all sewing levels.

These are going to get so much wear. I recently wore them to a music festival and were so comfortable and I think looked super cute!