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sewing plans

My 2017 Make Nine

Oh I do love a bit of forward planning, whether or not I end up making these or a bunch of completely different patterns... only time will tell!

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November box inspiration

Holidays are comin' holidays are comin'!!! Well, I am so excited for Christmas, now that the adverts are on tv and decorations are available to buy in the shops, I declare it is officially ok to wear your best festive socks that you've been keeping safe since January!

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October Box Inspiration

Hooray!!! The very first SewHayleyJane box landed on doorsteps throughout the past week!

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We've Opened Subscriptions!!

Well... What an exciting few days I have had here at SewHayleyJane HQ!! Have you got yourself a cup of tea ready? No? Go and get one right now (or coffee if that's more your style). Ready? Ok... read on!

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10 Things To Make With Fat Quarters

Hello, my name's Hayley, and I have a fat quarter addiction. Phew, feels good to get that out in the open.

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Autumn Pattern Wishlist

It's important to have goals right? Even if those goals are possibly a tad unattainable?

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