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We’ve Opened Subscriptions!!

So last Wednesday we were finally able to open up subscriptions! Yay!! Oh my gosh I was so excited but also really very nervous that I was going to hear crickets. A lot of hard work has gone into getting this ready but I was preparing myself for it to take a while before anyone clicked over and joined in my little party.

I mean, I’m totally new on the scene, no one has heard of me so I was prepared to put in some serious effort to get my name out there and show people that they can trust me. Don’t worry though… even if I get a billion trillion customers I’m still going to be making the effort, promise!

Luckily, crickets could not be heard and I have to give some serious big thanks and love to Kate and Rachel at The Fold Line for that. I contacted them a little while back to tell them all about me and the biz and they very kindly agreed to help me out. So I put together a Classic Box and sent it over to Kate who took some gorgeous photos of the contents (I may have borrowed them for this post) and posted a pic to Instagram on the day.

Oh wow! I was unable to do anything else on Wednesday because I was dancing around the house, a ball of nervous/excited energy as I watched people liking, commenting, following me and even… subscribing! Yay! Thank you so much to anyone who has already signed up, I love you guys!! We celebrated with pizza (mostly because I was too excited to cook anything) and a nice cup of tea. I know, Rock and Roll right?

I calmed down a little bit Thursday and Friday and set to with some sewing. But… Saturday morning saw The Fold Line post a vlog all about me and my boxes! Excitement levels went way back up again as I practically kicked my husband awake to watch it with me. If you want watch it you can here and you can see a little bit more about what your box might look like.

I used the theme An English Country Garden to put together this box, hence all the florals and rose prints. It’s so pretty!! I was really excited to make the box up for them and wrap everything nicely. I’ve kept some of the fabric for myself, so I’m off now to make myself a little top out of it. How was your cup of tea? Did you have any biscuits with it?

Oh one last thing, if you like this little blog of mine you can now follow me on Bloglovin, I use it loads, it’s fab for having everything in one place.

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