A monthly box of sewing goodies, delivered to your door

The December Box

The ‘theme’ for this month is Walking in a Winter Wonderland which to me mean means something seriously cosy and snuggly. Instagram has been full of handmade jumpers, sweatshirts and jumper-dresses so what could be better than sending a box of quilted knit fabric and fleece backed sweatshirt fabric. Perfect.

However what I didn’t take into account, which in hindsight I’m now kicking myself about, was how thick the fabric would be once it was folded. It was crazy thick. I did a little panic, made a cup of tea (obviously) then my lovely husband helped me find boxes that would accommodate the mammoth piles of fabric that were taking over my living room. I packed everything up, stacked the boxes up ready to post, stood back and had a good old chuckle. They were massive! I sent my customers a little email so that they wouldn’t be shocked by the gigantic parcel when they opened the door and I took on board the lesson… check the fabric will fit into the boxes before getting too carried away!

Anyway, enough of that! Let’s have a look inside the December Boxes shall we?

The Mini and the Classic Boxes each had a length of this gorgeous navy quilted knit fabric. It feels lovely and I’ve seen a few jumper dresses around the interwebs made in this fabric. It would also be perfect used as accents on a garment such as yokes on a jumper, the inside of pockets or even as a warm lining inside a jacket.

Of course, as usual, there is a reel of matching thread as well as tailors chalk and sewing machine needles for use with stretch/knit fabric. It’s really important to swap your machine needles to one that is suitable for the fabric you are working with. Stretch, or ballpoint needles pass through the fabric rather than piercing it which can cause the fabric to ladder. Your sewing machine manual will have instructions on how to do this.

I am so excited to be including these gold stork scissors this month. If you’re a keen instagrammer you’ll have seen these little beauties everywhere. They bring a little extra bit of glamour to your sewing kit.

The Luxury Boxes this month included 3.5 meters of this super snuggly fleece lined sweatshirt fabric. I’m not ashamed to admit that when the rolls of this fabric arrived I kind of just wanted to cuddle it. Yep, it’s that soft! It’s really great quality and are Oeko-Tex Standard, meaning no harmful products are used in the manufacturing process. There were two different colours sent out this month, some in this sand colour and some were a lovely grey.

Alongside the fabric this month is the fabulous Fraser Sweatshirt pattern from Sewaholic. Perfect for keeping you snug and warm when you’re out and about this Christmas!

This months Fat Quarter selection are all about the frosty colours of pale blues and pinks and fun little winter woodland animals, robins, hedgehogs and of course reindeer!! I love this selection so much. We discovered that we have a hedgehog nesting somewhere in our garden, we saw him every now and then snuffling around the garden a few months back so hopefully he’s snuggled down fast asleep… jealous much!!

I’m thinking with these I’d quite like to get some wadding and make a quilted mug warmer and slippers – it’s all about getting cosy!

I also popped a peppermint candy cane inside each of the boxes this month for stirring hot chocolates with. Mysteriously the few that I had left over seem to have disappeared before I got around to taking the photos… very strange!!

What would you make with the contents of these boxes?