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December Box

The Fraser Sweatshirt

Well, considering how quick and easy this was to make it seemed to take me ages to get around to actually doing it!

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Walking In A Winter Wonderland Fat Quarter Projects

Just a quick little post for me today as I am winding down for Christmas. My husband Andy is taking some time off too so right now we are probably snuggled up on the sofa watching Lord of the Rings... he was pretty shocked to discover I haven't seen the whole trilogy!

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December Inspiration

Are we all feeling cosy and festive? The lights are twinkling, the fire is burning (if I had a working fireplace) and are tummy's are full of chocolate. I feel like I've been banging on about Christmas for ages, but I don't intend on stopping just yet! I love it!!

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The December Box

The December Boxes have been arriving on doorsteps over the last few days and have I got a story to tell you about the putting together of these boxes!

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