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A Tour of Winchester

I don’t actually live in Winchester, although I have done, I live about a 15 minute drive outside of it. But I have always been close and even went to University there.

It is such a beautiful city, these photos were taken back in September, hence the blue skies and people wearing shorts, but I honestly think it’s beautiful at any time of the year. It does fireworks night and Christmas very well.

Winchester is a pretty old city and was the capital of Anglo-Saxon Wessex, we’re talking 5th century type history here! You can really see the history in some of the buildings along the main high street, especially the Tudor style of white and wooden beams.

If you ever visit, make sure to look up as you’re walking along the main street, there are lots of signs that give you an idea of the type of shops that would have been there in years past.

At the very top of the high street is The Great Hall, which is home to King Arthur’s Round Table. Yep, The Round Table from all the stories that we know and love. I haven’t got any photos of it for some reason but I did go up there to film the vlog so make sure you check that out.

Winchester has a good few celebrity and movie links as well, Colin Firth grew up and went to school here and the great Jane Austen lived nearby and is buried in the Cathedral.

Speaking of the Cathedral it was used in the filming of The Da Vinci Code, and the nearby Collage Street was used to convey the streets of Paris in the 2012 movie Les Misérables

The Cathedral grounds are one of my favourite place to go on a sunny day with a coffee and friends and just chill, but in the winter it is home to a fabulous Christmas Market so it really is awesome at any time of the year. I was incredibly lucky to have my graduation ceremony inside as well.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the city, let me know if you’ve visited before or if you plan to visit and need some foodie or tourist recommendations.