A monthly box of sewing goodies, delivered to your door


Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me!

Many people think of sewing as a solitary activity, and for the most part it probably is. I love shutting myself away in my sewing room with a good movie and my sewing machine. But getting together to share your creativity with friends can be so much fun.

Plus it’s an excuse to make cake!

Crafty groups seem to be becoming ever more popular amongst enthusiasts, knit & natter, stitch & bitch anyone? You can even rock up to certain fabric shops and haberdasheries at a particular time of the week just to work on a project and have a cuppa. How amazing is that? Unfortunately I haven’t found any in my local area that are easy to get to.

So, I hosted my own. I invited a few friends over, cleared the dining room table before covering it with piles of fabric, threads, buttons, pins and my sewing machine. I kept everyone fed and watered with tea and cake and stuck on a good playlist.

Amongst the projects that were worked on over the course of the afternoon we had a pin cushion, pencil case, bag and quilt being made. We giggled, we gossiped, we “accidentally” ate all the cake.

I knew there was a good reason to keep a tin of fabric scraps from all those past projects. In case anyone needed inspiration I also set out a selection of magazines and books.

I definitely think I might make this a regular occurrence. It’s great to share tips and skills with each other, offer support and inspiration and marvel at each others creations.

Have you ever hosted your own craft party or are you planning to in the future? What do you think makes the perfect Crafternoon?