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My Style: The History

The main reason for this is that since I’ve been working from home I feel like I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a style rut.

My previous employment was always in child or adult care and so workwear was usually jeans and a work branded t-shirt or hoody meaning that I only ever really wore regular clothes at the weekend and even then it wasn’t always that much different.

I was very conscious from the very beginning that I didn’t want to fall into the trap of working in pyjamas on the sofa all day, I’ve always enjoyed the process of getting showered, dressed and a little made-up in the mornings, it gets me in the mind set of work for the day. But I’ve still been chucking on the same old jeans and jersey tops every day… it’s getting a bit boring.

All this thinking and musing came from taking part in the Moneta party on Instagram last month. The dress is such a comfortable style to wear but still looks good and makes me feel good when I wear it. So why on earth am I not wearing more things like this every day?!

I had a look back at photos on Facebook to try and see how my style has changed over the last 10 years. Unfortunately most of the photos don’t really show more than my face and if they do they are blurry pictures taken on nights out during my university days!

Starting around the age of 18 I went through a grunge phase, complete with huge jeans covered in safety pins and chains and black t-shirts with band logos on them. Most of my wardrobe was black as was my make up bag. Thankfully I could only find one photo


It didn’t take me too long to move out of that phase and a couple of years later I was buying fashion magazines, wearing dresses with waist belts and straightening my hair. Although I stopped ironing my hair to death and embraced the curls I continued to enjoy playing around with fashion and had a wardrobe that mostly consisted of flower print dresses and lots of jewellery.

There was also a slight vintage obsession that took hold which is also when I started developing more of an interest in sewing, so that I could make myself circles skirts and tea dresses. This dress was actually an Ebay purchase worn at a diamond jubilee event back in 2012.

I guess then I became an adult, working full time to pay for rent and my car and all the other things that go along with that. As with a lot of people my age… generation yawn I think we’ve been called, staying in really was the new going out! That teamed with getting married and being happy and settled at home meant that somewhere along the way my wardrobe became boring.

I don’t always enjoy shopping, I find it can be a bit stressful especially as I have put on weight over the last few years, which is something I am trying to work on because I want to be healthier and fitter. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen in my stories that I’ve been working out at home whilst watching sewing vlogs for entertainment!

So, now what? I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately looking at styles and outfits that inspire me as well as digging into The Wardrobe Architect series on the Colette blog and picking patterns that are better suited to where I want my style to go. I shall be sharing more about this with you in the weeks to come, a sort of series if you will, so I hope you’ll join me for that.

For now I shall leave you with one more picture of me in a previous life but I’d also love to hear what fashions and crazes make up your style history?