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The Stella Skirt

Although I’ve been sewing for a while most of what I’ve learnt has been from books, the internet and my family, so when I started SewHayleyJane I decide to take the course just ensure that I was doing everything right.

The tutor had a background in industry so I was actually able to learn a few new techniques from her to make my sewing easier and more professional, such as doing an invisible hem and stitching down a waistband facing without turning under the raw edge. These techniques do require possession of an overlocker though.

We started by learning a few basic techniques like different seams, zips, buttonholes etc and by the end the aim was to have a completed skirt. She went through tracing and making a muslin to check the fit first before cutting into our fashion fabric. Most of the students chose a pattern from the Big 4 but I went for the Simple Sew Grace skirt. A pleated design that is fitted at the natural waist.

I initially chose to make it from a blue patterned viscose that I bought online, but soon realised that it was far too see-through and lightweight to work. One strong gust of wind would have resulted in a serious decline in dignity!

I popped into C&H fabrics in Winchester and was about to walk out empty handed when I spotted this fabric. It’s an ex-Stella McCartney fabric that I had seen online. Not only that it was in the half price sale… £4 a meter! “I’ll take the lot.”

It’s a gorgeous textured crepe in a forest green with what I can only describe as white and black splodgy flowers printed on. When I took it out at my class the tutor looked at it, looked at me and said “are you planning to pattern match that?” Que silence from me.

I totally did not consider pattern matching but I gave it a good go and was able to get the back seam where this concealed sip was to match up. The rest, not so much. But it’s such a busy and random print that I don’t think it’s noticeable unless your name is Patrick Grant.

I didn’t manage to finish the skirt completely in my lessons, and left with just the hem to do. Of course it then sat unfinished for well over a month before I got round to finishing it off. Due to being on the curvy side I got my mum over to help me measure the hem properly as it was looking pretty uneven at the sides where my hips hitch the fabric up slightly. It’s not always noticeable but with this skirt it was a bit of an eye sore.

Earlier this week I posted this blog about my personal style, looking back at my style history and will be thinking more about what I want my wardrobe to look like in the coming weeks. This skirt is definitely a look that I want to wear more often, with the nipped in waist and floaty skirt I think it works pretty well with my curves. Styled up with this denim jacket that I bought at a charity event about 8 years ago and had completely forgotten about.

I’m so pleased with how this skirt has turned out but I’d love to know how you would style it?