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The Fraser Sweatshirt

I’m going to put all the blame on Christmas here, and that spending time with family and friends, going out and getting all the shopping done really was far more important. We’ll forget the fact that I could have done it during those moments when I was sat on the sofa eating yet another mince pie watching the Lord of the Rings films.

My husband was shocked and disgusted when I told him that I’d only seen the first LOTR film the whole way through and that by half way through the second one I’d made up my mind that I didn’t like them and that they were just a bit… meh! Please don’t hate me if you are a fan. We decided that it was so long ago that I last tried to watch them, my tastes have changed since then so I would give them another go.

Again, by half way through the second film I was standing by my initial feelings of ‘meh’ but I soldiered through and actually really enjoyed the last film… I even did a little cry at the end!

I appear to have gotten off track, I came here to tell you about sewing didn’t I?

I shall create a tenuous link here about snuggling up on the sofa… this sweatshirt is really very snuggly… watching movies in this sweatshirt is perfect.

And we’re back on track!

The pattern I used was the Fraser Sweatshirt from Sewaholic which, along with the fabric was included in the December Luxury Boxes.

I kept it nice and simple and went for Version B without any contrast trims, but I lengthened the sleeves using the pattern for Version A so that the were full length. I traced it out like a good girl, grading from a size 16 at the bust to a 20 at the hips.

As far as construction goes it was really very simple and I reckon I could have done the whole process in an afternoon. As it happens I rarely get the chance to just sit down and sew for long periods of time, there are always other things that need doing.

I lengthened the bodice by about 1 inch, but I now wish I’d added on another 3 inches as I do pull it down quite a bit and it just sits at a weird spot on my hips. It is supposed to be a shorter style and I’m sure it would look amazing on someone with a flatter stomach, but that ain’t me!

The final alteration I did was to shorten the sleeves by about 2.5 inches, which is quite a lot and not something I’ve ever had to do on a pattern, so do watch out for that if you use this one.

The fabric is gorgeous and sews up a treat! Whilst it doesn’t fray, the fleece lining does moult somewhat onto whatever you have on underneath, but after a couple of washes I’m sure this won’t be a problem.

I love the way of finishing with the sleeve and hem bands, and because the fabric doesn’t fray there was no need to finish the edges. I used a zigzag stitch throughout and added topstitching on the neck band to help keep it flat, although it is still slightly sticking up… I’m looking past it!

I will absolutely make this sweatshirt again and I’m really excited to try it out with the contrasting yoke or collar pieces. I love this sweatshirt, I was in desperate need of some simple, warm winter jumpers and this absolutely does the trick.

Don’t forget to post pictures of your makes on Instagram and Facebook so that I can see them, I love to know what happens to all the fabric I send out. Use #sewhayleyjanemakes