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New Look 6483

Hello Luke Cage!! Anyone else watching it? We may have been counting down the days until it came out, especially after getting into Daredevil earlier this year! I may have mentioned in an early blog post that I have become a bit of a Marvel geek. The movies are great but the TV shows are so much better. They are darker and grittier and I love that you really get to know the characters and their back stories.

I told you it was bad for productivity. This is supposed to be a post about sewing and I’ve just waffled on about a TV show. I blame the husband!

Aaanyway… I made a top!

If you recall a few posts back I had tried to make this top but was lazy and didn’t properly finish my seams. Therefore it frayed beyond repair. But I learnt from my mistakes and today I am here to share my victory with you!

This New Look 6483 top says “1 hour” on the envelope…. oh how I chuckled. It takes me an hour just to figure out which pieces I need and cut them all out. I’m starting to think I shouldn’t blame Netflix for low productivity, it seems I’m easily distracted!

So I decided to go for the T-shirt version now that we are heading into cooler weather. The only alteration I had to do was to grade in at the shoulders and out at the hips. I also scooped a little out of the neckline but I think I could have gone further with it. I’m glad I did though, I can barely fit my curls through the hole! Oh! I also did a big arm adjustment by following this tutorial by Curvy Sewing Collective. Very helpful.

Some of the instructions are a little bit hard to figure out. Particularly the neckline facing where it creates a little opening at the back. It can be hard sometimes when you read the instructions through to visualise how it will go, but trusting the process and a bit of fabric manipulation should get you there in the end. There should be a button and button loop at the top but I don’t have button in my stash that goes so it’ll just have to wait.

The other fiddly bit was creating a neat finish at the hem as the pattern include little splits in the side seam there. It’s a great feature, where the top is made in a woven fabric those splits give an extra bit of space around the hips. The pattern tells you, in a round about way, to do a double fold hem. When you trim your seam allowance at the side seams I would recommend trimming from the underarm seam down to the top of the splits and then leaving the last few inches as they are. This will then make it a lot easier to turn under and create a double hem along those side splits.

Overall I’m really happy with this simple little top. The fabric I used was a lovely viscose rayon from Abakhan, it’s really soft and has a gorgeous drape to it. I can see a few more of these being made in the future.

So now I’ve told you all about this top… I’ve got to get back to Luke Cage, he’ll be missing me!